Skin Remover Machine Specialized for Groundnut

The groundnut is one of the most popular nuts in the world. In order to make the peanut with different flavors, the redskin shall be removed before the flavoring process. It is easy for people to remove the red skin of the wet boiled peanut at home. It is the same situation to the peanut processing industry. Some of the peanut product might has special requirement-red skin removing while the groundnut is dry, the peeling process is very different from the wet groundnut and it is much harder.

Groundnut Skin Remover Machine

Beside the flavor aspect, another reason for removing the red skin is the problem of aflatoxin, which is one of the toxins that are water-soluble. The healthy specialist believe that the boiling can destroy the aflatoxin contained in the peanut, while the roasting won't, so peeling might be the way that we can remove the aflatoxin on the redskin. We all know that groundnut goes bad from the outside to the inside, the aflactoxin only exist on the outside red skin of the groundnut.

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