Peanut Processing Line

  • Potato Chip Processing Line

    Potato Chip Processing Line

    Manufacturer and supplier potato chip processing line, including potato cleaning and peeling machine, conveyer and selecting equipment, chipping machine, dehydrating equipment, frying equipment.

  • Potato Chipping|Strip Machine

    Potato Chipping|Strip Machine

    This potato chipping|strip machine is suitable for cutting corm(potato) into required strip, and necessary equipment for hotel and processing factory .

  • Potato Cutting Machine

    Potato Cutting Machine

    Manufacturer and exporter of potato cutting machines, potato cutter.Capacity: 500kg/h, Power: 2.2KW/380V three phases.

  • Fried Peanut Kerel Line

    Fried Peanut Kerel Line

    AGICO is one of leading processors of peanut machines.The complete line of processing groundnut has characteristics of line processing, high automatization degree, strong generality, low power cost and no pollution.

  • Sugar Coating Machine

    Sugar Coating Machine

    This peanut coating machine|equipment is specially used for processing white sugar coating for peanut. The production has smooth surface and can meet the exporting processing standard. This peanut coater features stable operation, low noise and no pulluti

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