Peanut Processing Line

  • Peanut Cutting Machine

    Peanut Cutting Machine

    The peanut cutter|cutting machine be made from hopper, roll cutter, cleaner, cutter adjust equipment, exit etc. it adopts to special disk roll cutter, users can adjust the space between cutters for controlling the size and equality of slice, and clean rol

  • Peanut Halving Machine

    Peanut Halving Machine

    AGICO is one of leading manufacturers of peanut half-kernel machines.This peanut halving machine is specially used for the halving processing of peanut,with features including high automatic degree,high halving operation, lower noise, no pollution.

  • Hulled Sesame Seed Plant

    Hulled Sesame Seed Plant

    Complete Hulled Sesame Seed Plant with Aqua Hulling Method, consisting of Sesame Seeds Peeling Machine,Sesame Seed Decorticator,High-efficient Fluidized Dryer.Sesame Dehulling Machine, Seed Hulling Plant,in China-AGICO.

  • Colloid Mills

    Colloid Mills

    We are supply slit-bdy and veical colloid mills, colloid grinder machine for peanut and sesame. This colloid grinder is suitable for all milky liquids in various processes like grinding, homogenizing, emulsifying, dispersing, mixin, extracting etc.

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